The National Bank of Romania Printing Works

Secured Printings

Imprimeria BNR - Imprimate securizate
The National Bank of Romania Printing Works prints a wide range of secured printings that are made in conditions of maximum security. Specific methods and procedures ensure safety on the production flow, starting with the raw material acquisition and storage and ending with the products delivery to its customers.
The Romania Printing Works operates secured printings used in the banking system, such as:
  • Bank cheques
  • Promissory notes

The National Bank of Romania Printing Works also realizes other types of printed matters and documents that have law regulated systems of issue and distribution and which are put into circulation by public or private institutions and any other printings that require protection against counterfeiters. Some examples are:

  • Fuel vouchers
  • Meal tickets
  • Diplomas, certificates
  • Transport special tickets
  • Authorization, licenses
  • Certificates, shares cumulative shares, bonds

The National Bank of Romania Printing Works has exclusive right of use for the watermark models and owns a Registration Certificate issued by State Office for Inventions and Trademarks regarding the watermark drawings incorporated in the secured paper used for the manufacture of certain printings.

The choice of paper type and security elements for each secured printed matter is made according to the applicable legal requirements and also to the client’s specific demands. In order to manufacture printings and secured documents, in addition to the special printing support, the Printing Works utilizes software and equipment through which secured design elements are introduced. Also, special inks may be applied in the printing support, all of the above-mentioned elements offering uniqueness and authenticity to the products.